xfixium wows again with new Castlevania for Master System WIP video!

xfixium continues to be a blessing to the 8-bit Sega community with the release a new work in progress video of Castlevania for the Master System.

Based on the beloved NES version of the classic Castlevania, xfixium is spicing up the Master System release by implementing elements of the Sharp X6800 version as well as Playstation Chronicles version. As we can see in the video below, the game looks leagues better than the NES classic and is sure to be a treat for Master System owners, as it was another classic that never came to our beloved platform. Yes, we have Master of Darkness, which is a very good game in it's own right, but it does fall short of Castlevania's popularity. We look forward to your continued work xfixium and look forward to when these projects are completed.