Why I started 8-bit Service Games

A blog dedicated to Sega’s 8-bit consoles may seem like a weird topic to have for a blog. They’ve never been the most popular pieces of hardware and the homebrew scene for them is quite scarce. It would have been easier to have a blog dedicated to more popular platforms like the Nintendo Entertainment System or even the Commodore 64. Ever since I was a kid though, I have had a love for Sega and so I created 8-bit Service Games with the intention of bringing more attention to their 8-bit consoles.

Sega’s 8-bit systems really have an interesting history to them. The SC-3000 and SG-1000 were never released in the West. The Game Gear was overshadowed by the more popular Gameboy. The Master System as the most popular of all of Sega’s 8-bit consoles came out during a time when Nintendo held an iron grip over the game industry. Because of this, releases for the Master System are quite small in comparison to the NES. Despite the passage of time, these earlier consoles from Sega continue to be less popular than their Nintendo counterparts.

I’ve no illusions that these systems will ever grow to be more popular than the NES, but I do hope that shining a light on these systems will bring more attention to them. I hope this increased attention leads to more homebrew releases. These systems have a lot to offer both in new titles and their classic releases. If you’ve never played a Sega system outside of the Genesis, Saturn or Dreamcast, give these 8-bits a try. You might like them more than you think.

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